Pearl’s Sacred Space

The Literate Lurcher

Pearl thumbnailHi, Pearl here! And so is summer, it seems, with people and noise everywhere.

Call me a grouch, but it’s not my favourite season. My ears are super-sensitive and certain sounds drive me crazy, like the excited shrieks of kids on holiday and the thud of footballs being kicked around the beach. However, there’s one place the tourists (or grockles, as we call them) haven’t discovered yet, and that’s our local bluebell wood.

Sacred space

It doesn’t matter what’s going on elsewhere – bank holiday crowds, Scout jamborees or high winds in the treetops – this place is always peaceful. You can almost touch the stillness, and the only sound is the rich, echoing music of a blackbird. Annabelle says it’s like being in church, only better, and I think I know what she means – it’s a magical place where the presence of nature spirits is strong. As soon as you enter…

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