Callanish Calling: Thin White Stones…

France & Vincent


‘This site, important for its grandeur, its design

and its astronomy, is a complex,

of a diminutive stone circle, an avenue,

three rows and a chambered tomb…’

– Burl


“To be ‘called’ is not the same thing as wanting to go somewhere!”

“I know.”

“Nor is it the same as really wanting to go somewhere.”

“I know, but it’s sort of hovering in the air above my head,

as an incredibly exciting possibility.”

“I know. It’s the same for me too.”

“So how do we distinguish ‘calling’?”

“In this case, I’m not sure we do, or can. We just have to try to get there.”

“Oh, we’ll get there alright!”


‘…The circle stands conspicuoulsy on a ridge

overlooking the waters of Loch Roag.

– Burl

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