Who Controls Your Life – You or Your Desires? (Guest Post)


Coming from a person that struggles with an addictive personality, I know how all-consuming it can be to be constantly chasing that next high. Sometimes that high can be in the form of a new romance emotionally or sexually, an exciting adventure, that fourth cup of coffee in the day, greater fame, more money and of course addictive substances such as drugs or alcohol.

So what do I mean when I ask, “Who’s controlling your life, you or your desires?”.

Well, when your desires have taken the wheel in your life things tend to become more compulsive. Your inner voice may be telling you things like, “I have to find somebody to love. I’m feeling lonely.” or “I have to write the next big blog post so that my work can gain recognition.”There’s a sense of impending doom if thing’s don’t go a certain way.

When a desire takes control…

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