Malindi-Watamu vacay: Gedi Reptile Center

Girl On The Move

This was the starting point. Gotta start here to connect everything under Gedi 👉🏾

Started as a rescue center in handling cases of reptiles that were on the verge of being killed, burned or trafficked to other countries, it has been instrumental particularly to neighboring schools whose students had snake phobia. This became its target in providing awareness and education to the community, public and young people with a phobia of snakes and amphibians.In return, the local community has been effective on conservation measures of reptiles and amphibians with the park receiving new rescue cases of tortoises at least every two months. In here you find monitor lizards, striped bark snake, green snakes, house snake, African rock python, stripped bellied sand snake, rufousbeaked snake ,red spotted beaked snake, puff adder, cobras (Egyptian, forest, red spitting, black) and tortoises (bell’s hinged back and leopard).

Brown spitting cobra

Puff Adder

Rufousebeaked snake

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