Where the hell is Wandi Pub?

Out an' About

Wandiligong. It’s a mouthful isn’t it? So are the Parmas at the pub there, they’re a delicious mouthful.

Step inside this unassuming country pub in this cute little town and you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in your nana’s arms. It’s warm, cosy, homely and there’s no pretence.

If it’s winter the wood fire is guaranteed to be lit inside and depending on when you visit the fire might be going in the outside fire drum as well.

We were here on the first weekend in May, when the Autumn colours were still vibrant. It was part of a birthday weekend for our daughter Tash who’d recently turned 21.

Out in the beer garden it’s pure bliss

We stopped in to check the pub out and book a table for dinner that night … and ended up staying for hours.

The live music enticed us out the back to…

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