7 Top Things to Do in Zunyi, Guizhou

Rachel Meets China

Guizhou is a beautiful province in Southern China. Bordered by Sichuan to the north, Guangxi to the south, and Hunan to the east, it shares many similar features as other landscapes in the south of China, including karst mountains, rice terraces, and waterfalls. Over 90% of the province is said to be covered by mountains and hills, which is quite incredible!

guizhou map

I recently took my first trip to Guizhou as part of a Travel Experience with Ctrip and the Zunyi Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. I’ve been wanting to visit Guizhou for so long because of the beautiful scenery and also the many minority groups of people who live in this province, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to go on this Travel Experience.

guizhou province.PNG

I spent 4 days in Zunyi Guizhou, a city in the northern part of Guizhou. It’s a city most Chinese people are familiar with…

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