Skidaway Island Nature Trail


Jay Wolf Nature Trail

Living on the coast offers many adventures and the chance to get a peek at wildlife in their natural habitat.  But on this day, my only plan was to have barbeque lunch in Sandfly, Georgia.

With the record-breaking temperature of 80 º, I put on my sandals to give my toes a break from socks and sneakers.  After a delicious lunch, I just had to stay outdoors and enjoy the day.  Minutes from Sandfly is Skidaway Island which has a state park and the University of Georgia Center for Marine Education Center.  There are an aquarium and a walking trail with a 1/2 mile path and a 1-mile path.  Even with the sandals, I decided on the 1-mile walk.  The 1/2 mile path has a rubber-like mat along the path.  The next half mile is a dirt trail and the ants and other bugs got to my toes.


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