Bad (mental health) days…

An Incomplete Girl in a Japanese World


It’s been a bad weekend (mental health wise).  On Friday, I got my hair done.  It was quite a dramatic change.  It’s now pink.  It’s so different and cute, and I’m absolutely in love with it.  That was great.  When I posted it on the interents, I was overwhelmed with “cute” comments followed by “love it” comments.  It was so nice and a total self-esteem boost.  That was good.  Then it all went downhill.  I had plans to meet two friends Friday night after karaoke.  They both canceled.  Sad and feeling abandoned, I came home.  Mamoru saw my hair (which I know he had already seen on Facebook) and said 「ヤンキ」to me as soon as I walked in the door.  Basically it means “punk” and he says that to me all the time and I know it was meant to be a joke but fuck if it didn’t crush me…

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