Silence Is My Worst Enemy

a Human Thought

When I was in 9th grade in high school, I was bullied ever since I moved to the new school by a girl that I’d will never forget her name. I was bullied physically, socially, and cyber-bullying. However, I know I am not the first one to experience such violent behaviors, but believe it or not, bullying leaves a huge scar. I had to change schools, and I was aiming for a better education. I never thought that there is such cruelty and anger in the world until I experienced it. When I first entered the school, I made a lot of friends and they used to call me ‘speedy’ because I was really good in playing Basketball. One day, after applying for the Basketball try-outs, we had a huge game against another school. After the game, the coach wanted me on the defense spot where a…

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