Stop and Smell the Bindweed

I Didn't Want to Be a Mother

One of the most prevalent and annoying weeds we have in our yard is Field Bindweed. Growing up, we called it Morning Glory. The flowers of Morning Glory and Bindweed have close coloring and shape, but that is where the similarities end.

Because Bindweed is a terrible plant.


As the (actual) name suggests, it’s an insidious weed that ties itself up other plants. Flowers or fruits or vines you may want to grow become choked and twisted in the stuff. We had a raspberry patch at our last house that Bindweed loved, since the raspberry bushes had convenient thorns the weed could climb up.

After extricating the little monster from around and around the stalk, there’s still the matter of the root. Bindweed’s origin lays far underground, and cannot simply be pulled out. “It is a vining perennial plant that sends roots to 30 feet deep and spreads from…

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