Eat, Pray, Love—and the Money Supply… #travel #humor #Italy Part 1

Barb Taub

The Money Supply and me.

“No thanks,” I say. It’s my standard response when the Hub invites me to come along to some work conference in an exotic location. I picture myself in a glamourous foreign locale I’ve only ever seen in a James Bond film or the windows of mall travel agents. But instead of being surrounded by Daniel Craig and/or foreign locale residents holding out perfectly shaken-not-stirred foreign alcoholic beverages, I know I’ll be surrounded by economists. Because here’s the thing. They might be in paradise, but economists will still be talking about economics. They can’t help themselves, poor things.

Economists tell each other hilarious inside jokes about the money supply.

But when the Hub mentioned the conference on Ischia, an island off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, I hesitated. When he showed me pictures of the flower bedecked pools and charming old world villages, I wavered. And then—because…

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