Healthy Blueberry Scones

The Gastronomy Gal

Sometimes mistakes turn out to be something positive after all. Especially in cooking and baking, where trial and error takes place. Failed recipes are extremely frustrating because you either toss it in the trash and waste food, or bite the bullet and finish the food within the next few days. I almost always finish the food since I despise food waste and well… enough said.

Today I tried to make a healthy blueberry loaf as I do have a penchant for loaves. It is blueberry season so I have been churning out plenty of blueberry delights. To my dismay, the batter was much more dry than I expected it to be but I baked it in a bread loaf anyways. Feeling a bit ambivalent, I had no option but to wait.


The outcome was not a moist loaf, but rather a scone-like dessert. I removed the loaf from the pan…

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