Visiting Hours

Peacock Poetry

After a lazy lunch yesterday, instead of rushing up to the computer to begin the next all-important online tasks, I paused. In this pause I realised that I wanted to make another choice. A choice that felt more joyful in fact. The next moment I found myself reclined on my garden sofa, listening to some ocean wave sounds on my meditation app and began writing the following lines. We have to pause to invite joy in sometimes. She is a very compliant visitor!

Inviting Joy

Inviting joy into our days

Is something we can master

Our thoughts can often pave the way

then actions come much faster

What makes you smile is worth the while

For happiness becomes you

and upbeat thoughts start to compile

Exuding from the fun you

The ocean’s sound, a grassy mound

a forest or a sunset

What place most makes your joy abound?

and helps…

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