Eat, Pray, Love—and the Top 10 Things I learned about Italy Travel… #travel #humor #Italy Part 3

Barb Taub

What I  learned on my most recent trip to Italy.

  • #10. It IS possible to have a bad meal in Italy. Mario, the super concierge at our hotel on Ischia, wasn’t surprised when I confessed our dinner the previous evening had been disappointing. It was, we both knew, our own fault. Instead of going to him for a restaurant recommendation, we’d tried to solo, eating at the place other economists had recommended. When Mario heard where we’d gone, he looked pained. “Was good when the papa was there. But the sons…” He shook his head. “They can’t make same food. And their wines?” His voice dropped to a sorrow-filled whisper. “I had to put them on my blacklist.” Looking around to make sure nobody was looking, he showed us an actual list, written in black ink, of places he refused to recommend.

    Mario took the failure of my day-trip to…

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