Rhubarb and Rainbows.


We had a flash thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, and although it didn’t last very long, it was quite something.
For once, Maggie wasn’t worried and found a quiet corner to doze, so it adds fuel to the concern that her hearing is on the way out.
The rain came down fast and heavy, and the road was awash in minutes. The sky was that deep purply gray and the air was thick and charged. No lightning, but the thunder was pretty close and rumbled away in its own time frame.
Within minutes I was rushing for the camera as outside was one of the brightest rainbows I have ever seen. It was beautiful, and I opened the window to get a good shot, but couldn’t fit it all in so had to do it in two goes.

Now I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but the top picture could be…

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