The Flirting Beach Boy

The Lonely Author

the lonely authorMy Baby has been so swamped with work demands, she actually fell asleep while in video chat with me.  She has barely written this week, so I wanted to pen something for her.  To set the record straight, I REALLY mean every word.  I do.  I do.


The Flirting Beach Boy


Have you heard about the lonely Beach Boy
He’s a Casanova and the most horrible flirt
He has enjoyed a woman or two…….or three
Til he earned a reputation for chasing skirts

Now, he wants to change and don a bright halo
“No mas,” to the all of the ladies he wants to yell
It may be too late for him to apply for heaven
Beach Boy has earned reservations in……oh, well

Though he is still a charmer, he wears blinders
And with all the chasing and flirting he’s done
Oh, the terrible Beach Boy is still…

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