Black Bean Brownies with Oats and Hazlenuts

Think and Bee Happy

My blog is all about my experiences with food, health and even beauty. With that being said, most of my experiences with cooking are somewhat failures. I’m really not that great of a baker. But I hope you guys can learn from my failures. That’s why I like to share those experiences. I want to maintain the integrity of my blog and be as honest as possible.

For the past couple of days, I have been wanting to make black bean brownies. Our cabinet has 5 cans of black beans……FIVE…. I love black beans. I am always eating black beans and rice, it’s one of my favorite dishes. But I wanted to use these beans in a different way, so I decided to give these brownies a try.

I will explain exactly what I did that didn’t make the brownies quite right and hopefully you guys can recreate these brownies…

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