Jamie Oliver’s Good Old Lasagne

Jana Cooks

Here’s a little secret: I’ve never made lasagne before.

Of course I wasn’t just going to wing it for my first try, so I did a bit of research on one of my favourite sites; Jamie Oliver’s website. He’s got a number of lasagne recipes on there, but this one tickled my fancy as it seemed the most traditional, and the ingredients would be easy to find at my local grocer.

Make no mistake, lasagne is a massive undertaking. This recipe took about 3 hours in total. But jeez Louise, it was so worth it! It came out absolutely perfect and tasted better than any lasagne I had ever had before. No jokes.

Who’s hungry? Vincent and Roan. Yes, I made this ridiculously laborious dish for just two people (with the intention of feeding them leftover lasagne for the next three days — and I did!)


For the…

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