Let Me Take You To The Remote Parts of Kivu

Stories of Wanderer

It was in March 2013. I was replying some emails from clients when my supervisor came into my office. He just did regular random inspection to ten camps under his supervision. I handled three of them. After briefing him for some work progress, he left my office immediately, and said, “I’m quite busy nowadays. You know, after Goma’s incident, we need to put more concentration in the eastern part of DRC. I am looking for people who want to relocate there,”

“Could you put my name on the list, please,” I said.

My supervisor could not believe his ears. He asked again, “Do you want to be relocated to the east? You know that some rebellion groups are still there,”

“You told me that you look for people to relocate to the east. You’ve just found one, Chief,” I said.

My supervisor still looked at me astonishingly. He later…

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