Do you want normal, or do you want crazy? Experiencing Zeppelin Restaurant in Orvieto, Italy!!

Renee Johnson Writes

Orvieto - Renee in window  Renee at the window in Hotel Duomo, Orvieto, Italy.

Sometimes you hear a phrase, a question, or a comment, and it sticks in your mind like a barnacle to the bottom of a boat — forever glued to your psyche.  Such was the question asked of my dining companions and me during a recent trip to Orvieto, Italy.

Zeppelin Sign                                      Zeppelin Chef

Do you want normal, or do you want crazy?”  — Chef Lorenzo Polegri

And there are few dining experiences in one’s life so spectacular as to rank among the most memorable.  But when you find yourself immersed in one, you know it is special.

I was in Orvieto, Italy to study the Monastic Approach to Writing under the tutelage of Justen Ahren from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Zeppelin Justen 2

Ristorante Zeppelin had been recommended to him, thus our eagerness to give it a try.

Zeppelin interior                                       Zeppelin interior 2

Shunning menus, Justen asked for…

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