4 Tips for Staying Fit in your Busy Life

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You work to
earn money. You earn money to be happy. But, you are so overworked now—see,
at this age you are so grumpy, how much grumpy will you be as a

Exercise has
thousands of benefits and largely influence our lives. (I don’t need to say

Staying fit
is not getting six-packed abs. It is for normal functioning of the body and
mind. If you are fit, you are 60% less prone to all the infectious diseases.
But, you already know that. The problem is, where is the time? Don’t worry.
Here are 4 tips for staying fit in your busy schedule.

Get adequate sleep

You will not
get the benefits of whole day of workout if you don’t sleep enough. Most of the
restoration process gets done in sleep. Growth hormone is secreted only in
sleep. Sleep for 6-8 hours. If you don’t get enough…

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