Butternut Squash, Apple, & Ginger Soup

The New Vintage Kitchen

The apples are beautiful! The squash is beautiful. And we have locally grown exotic ginger just waiting to enhance just about everything, so it’s soup tonight!

With a side of Apple Bread…

IMG_2223 A good apple year in Vermont. The trees are heavy with fruit as the apples get ready for harvest and our tables. Photo: The New Vintage Kitchen

I got lost in the apple orchard today, intentionally of course! The morning was crisp and bright the sky blue, and the car just aimed itself in the direction of the apple trees. What a beautiful year it is for apples here in Vermont. The trees are heavy with colorful fruit, and it makes me want to use them in everything.

A local exotic crop

In recent years, our local farmers have been experimenting with growing ginger, quite successfully, too. I buy a lot of it and tuck it in the…

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