We stand with Paris and for peace around the world!


I spoke too soon; Friday 13th turned out to be a Black Friday after all! Early yesterday I had posted Happy Friday the 13th! with the optimistic note “it’s a great day already….”

But, the multiple killings in Paris later in the day simply left me speechless! Let me not grace the evil minds and hands behind the dastardly acts with death/casualty numbers! I would rather share some loving thoughts directed towards the victims and their relations!

May the dead awaken (albeit unexpectedly) to joyful experiencing!


Let not the acts of violence of a few evil doers dominate the many goodness that men do.
We far outnumber those who do harm to others.
We stand with France.

— Dodinsky
Photo & text credit: https://www.facebook.com/Dodinsky/?fref=photo


“My love and prayers are with everyone in Paris”

– Anna Grace Taylor
Photo & text credit: https://www.facebook.com/annataylormusicangel/


“To all our Friends and Family in Paris…

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