Casablanca, First Leg Got Me To Morocco

Stories of Wanderer

I was always curious about Morocco for some reasons that I couldn’t describe by words. I didn’t even know exactly what it was. Maybe I was curious about the landscape of Mount Atlas. Or maybe about the Berber tribes living there in centuries. Or I just wanted to feel the sensation to ride onto the camel in the middle of Sahara. Perhaps all those could be the reason. Therefore, in one October, after getting approval from my chief, I took a bit longer RnR to visit Morocco in two weeks.

Casablanca became my first leg, of course, since most of airlines coming from all around the world would land in international airport located in this city. It’s the largest city in Morocco and home for industrial and economic activities. I didn’t have any difficulties while I arrived at the airport. As Indonesian citizen, I was not required to pay the…

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