dream and hope

Paul Militaru

dream and hope

Dream and Hope


Music is for my soul a miraculous medicine, a mountain spring, a trill of birds in the woods, a pleasant winding breeze, which makes wonders at that moment of maximum sadness and which, by the superb melodic lines, transposes me, deters me, in a different world, away from real life, being a symbol of total soul balance, becoming a reference system and why not a virtual ying and yang melodic.

What can you do in such moments?…How long do you dream? My great desire would be that all of these things become real one day as soon as possible, though most of the time I doubt.

Years and years have passed, and nothing has happened, is it a mirage like “Morgana Girl” (a mirage)?

Dreams, dreams, dreams…

Recently Easter Holidays, it is true in a rather unpleasant period, because the weather, capricious, with a lot of…

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