Chai And A Chat #51 #ChaiAndAChat

But I Smile Anyway...

Happy Monday to you all! I hope your week treated you well. Here’s my update!

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d begin my recount by telling you that the exhaustion hasn’t subsided yet. I still try and read every night, but by 9.30pm, my eyes are closing and I just need to sleep!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that we completed our Early Years Baseline that we have to complete. This gives us an idea of the children’s raw capabilities at the age thgey enter school. It gives us a chance to really tailor learning to the classes we are teaching, ensuring all the children are supported and challenged. My beauts are really beginning to show their colours now… especially my special beauts, the Fidgety Five, for want of another name. They either call out, lash out or have to be sat out! There is…

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