Curonian Spit in Lithuania

Bag Full of Rocks

In June 2018 I went back to Lithuania for my brothers graduation and I spent a few days with my parents in one the most beautiful places – Curonian Spit. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage, 98km long and shared between Lithuania (north) and Russia (south).

It’s a complete paradise that I recommend visiting to anyone going to Lithuania. You can get there by taking a very short ferry ride from Klaipėda. The area is famous for it’s original fishing villages like Nida or Juodkrantė, various folklore stories, giant sand dunes (tallest migrating dunes in Europe) and various other things you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Lithuania. I also loved beautiful and very colourful old houses, nice food and very relaxed atmosphere. Some of my favourite things were:

1. The Dead Dunes (also called the Grey Dunes)

These are the huge (up to 60m) tall dunes that moved so fast…

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