10 Goals To Set In Life

New Lune

I think we all have heard of what our goals should be in life whether that’s having a successful career, having a degree or even getting married. But I personally think that those aren’t really the goals you should establish in your life. Yes, they might be important depending on your life but to me I don’t think they are a must for everyone.

For example, it doesn’t mean your life is ruined if you don’t have a degree and it doesn’t mean that you are unhappy (whether you are in a relationship or not) if you decide not to get married. In today’s post, I wanted to share 10 goals that everyone should set in their life.

Je pense que nous avons tous entendu parler de nos objectifs dans la vie, qu’il s’agisse de réussir une carrière, d’obtenir un diplôme ou même de se marier. Mais personnellement, je pense…

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