Which Section of the Great Wall Should You Visit?

Rachel Meets China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most beautiful modern wonders of the world and stretches more than 6000 miles long! While you (sadly) can’t see it from space, it is a majestic site and a must-see if you’re planning to visit Beijing.

There are many sections of the Wall, so it may be difficult to decide which section will be the best to see. Before choosing which section to hike there are a few things things to consider, such as the hiking difficulty, transportation, distance from Beijing, and the crowds.

I’ve visited many of the sections and summed up the pros and cons of each part based on my experiences to help you choose which section is best for you. No matter which section you visit though you won’t be disappointed!

jinshanling stock.jpg

Sections of the Great Wall in Beijing:

  1. Badaling
  2. Mutianyu
  3. Jinshanling
  4. Simatai
  5. Huanghuacheng
  6. Camping on a Wild…

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