The Sky-Pirates of Durn – The Story So Far

joanne the geek


As My Life In Darkness is ending with the next episode I thought I would resume The Sky-Pirates of Durn story line with the idea of bringing that story to a close before the end of the year. So far there’s been 18 parts of it and I think it will need around 8-9 more episodes.

So if you’re struggling to remember what’s going on in it or you are new to the story here’s a helpful synopsis:

The Sky-Pirates of Durn – The Story So Far…

Caelynn Liadon is sent from the Elvish kingdom of Larantel to Salané, the Imperial capital of the Empire of Tigreralat to be Larantel’s new ambassador. She was forced to go there to help restore the fortunes of her own house after her father got involved in a scandal at the royal court. When she turns up at the capital it turns out she’s…

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