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Self-discipline  is very difficult,
You have to master your thoughts,
And practice self control,
When temptations oppress the weary soul,
It helps to accomplish our goals,
Make fair diamond out of dusty coals,
It makes you control yourimpulses and desires,
And become one whom any man or devil cannot tire,
Follow self-discipline always,
You will then truly be indefeatable,
And your speed to success will be unbelievable...

This post is more of a reminder to me of my unaccomplished goals due to lack of self discipline. Be it starting a weight loss journey or breaking any nagging addiction, I have always been inconsistent with my efforts. I seriously lack will power and no matter how hard I try I just cant continue making my efforts towards achieving any goal. I am mocked by everyone in the family that mumma’s diet begins every monday morning and ends every monday…

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