5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween like a Witch


October is the month of the witch. Whilst many people are preparing for fun on the night of Halloween, with trick or treating, fancy dress and lots of chocolate and candy on the agenda, witches are already embracing the darker nights and shadowy days.

1, Connect with your ancestors, and give thanks for their legacy. We feel the veil thinning. This is the ethereal layer that separates life and death, and during October we feel a closer connection with our ancestors and those we have lost. We might hold a séance and ask for our ancestors to speak using divination. We might consult the Tarot or visit a medium for guidance. Or we might simply sit in silent contemplation at the graveside or in front of a photograph of the person we miss.

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween2, Notice the change of season. Get outdoors, get lost in the forest, and marvel…

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