Day 6. Acireale & Catania, Sicily

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It was our last full day in Catania and we decided to spend the morning in Acireale, six miles north east of the city. We travelled there by train taking just 10 minutes with return fares €5 each.  On arrival in Acireale station we discovered that it was located 3km out of town. I don’t know why so many of Sicily’s stations are located so far from the town centre but it took us 20 minutes to reach the old town along a main road,

Untitled Roadside flowers near Acireale Station

Acireale is a small, elegant baroque town and like many other places in Sicily, is home to several grand churches demonstrating its former wealth. Our path led us to the large Piazza del Duomo in the historic heart of the town which is dominated by the cathedral with its Neo-Gothic facade.  The church traces its roots back to the 5th…

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