How to Get Your Book Sales Page Looking Good on Amazon

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Hello SErs. Harmony here. Recently, while checking out a new book release of mine, I navigated from the ebook page to the paperback page, and I recieved a shock. While the ebook page looked great, the paperback page was all garbled. Here’s the difference between the two:

The Kindle Version

The Kindle Version

The Paperback Version The Paperback Version

You can see how bunched togther the paperback version of the book blurb is. Some of the sentences even run into one another. This looks so unprofessional. Appalled, I got right to work and updated the description on my KDP dashboard. I then checked each of my other books and found the same scenario. The ebooks were all fine, but the paperbacks were all jumbled up.

Before the move from Createspace this had never happened.

In due course, the changes were approved, and I waited the requisit 72 hours to check the sales pages. To my dismay…

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