New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension

McGee Travel Tales

In total I went to three sessions of the International Ballon Fiesta: one where I rode in a balloon, an attempted night glow, and a morning mass ascension. If you want to read about my hot air balloon flight you can see it here.

I didn’t do a separate post about the night glow because due to higher wind speeds it didn’t happen. The balloons were unable to stand up and stay grounded. We did get to see some neat sky diving. Including one skydiver with a flag.

Pre-Show at the Night Glow

Instead of going back for another Night Glow we decided to go to a dawn Mass Ascension and it was worth the sleep we lost. Because going to the Mass Ascension means being up around 4 am if you want to be at the balloon field before 5 am to see the dawn patrol.

The dawn…

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