Day 10. Monreale, Sicily

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Our plan for the morning was to visit the small town of Monreale which sits perched on a cliff top above the city of Palermo. Getting to Monreale is quite easy as AMAT Bus 389 departs from Piazza Independenza taking just 20 minutes to the hilltop town.

Untitled The hilltop town of Monreale, Sicily

When travelling on Italian buses it’s necessary to purchase tickets in advance as it is not permitted to buy these from the driver. All Palermo bus tickets cost €1.40 each and can be purchased from tobacconists or newsagents. We were also planning to travel somewhere by bus the following day so we bought 8 bus tickets to save time later as these are undated and just need validating as you board the bus. Bus services are infrequent on this line, being approximately every 75 minutes so plan ahead to avoid wasted time waiting at each end.

Untitled The…

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