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RIP Cupcakes Traci Kenworth Ingredients: 1 box devils food cake for us, yellow cake mix for gluten-free (they don’t have devil’s food cake box mix around here yet) 3 eggs ½ c. oil Water Rip or tombstone markers (found ours at Walmart) Oreos Pumpkins Candy Corn Chocolate Frosting: 1 c. butter ½ c. unsweetened cocoa 2 t. vanilla 1 T. milk 2-3 c. powdered sugar Follow box directions and ingredients for cupcakes. Fill half full. Bake until knife comes out clean. Cool. For frosting: beat butter and cocoa 2 mins. Add vanilla and milk. Mix in powdered sugar to desired consistency. Frost cupcakes. Crush Oreos. Sprinkle on top of frosting. Add paper tombstones and pumpkins and candy corn or your choice of decorations.

Source: RIP Cupcakes – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

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