Easy Chicken Cheddar Sandwich Melt

In Dianes Kitchen


A seasoned chicken breast in between two thick sliced, buttered and grilled pieces of bread, melted cheddar cheese, honey mustard (or your favorite) slathered inside with apple slices and lettuce or other shredded vegetable. I made this in a cooking class and it tasted amazing!




In a small bowl or container

toss the vegetable, apple, thyme,

salt, pepper and lemon juice.


In a medium skillet over medium heat,

melt the butter.


Place both pieces of bread into the

skillet soaking up the butter.


Spread the honey mustard

on each piece of bread.


Place one piece of cheese on

top of each piece of bread.


When the cheese is soft and the bread

is golden brown on the bottom, remove

the pan from the heat and add the chicken

on top of the cheese on one piece of bread.


Add the apple mixture to the other piece

of bread. Lightly…

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