Halloween Pumpkins- Part 2


If you haven’t yet carved out some pumpkins…here are some of mine and others…so go grab some of those dollar store pumpkins and start decorating!!!

This one is painted using black chalkboard paint…


This one is from Better Homes and Gardens…Beautiful Bonfire!!!!


So how easy is this for a fantastic look….All you have to do is paint white then cut out bats on scrape book paper…


And these are sooo creative…


This is a fun and easy way to dress up your pumpkins…cut a large hole in the bottom of the pumpkins, big enough to fit your hand in to adjust and place the lights.Drill holes into the pumpkins and put a Christmas light in each, or just some of the holes. The painted pumpkin on the right was chalk painted, and the lights are only sticking out on the top. The rest of the holes were left to expose the…

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