The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Halloween

Picking the Day

Well, it’s been a little while since I posted, huh? Yes, I was that idiot who thought, ‘Gosh, I’ll have so much time for blogging when I’m on my maternity leave!’ forgetting about the whole looking after a tiny new human thing…. It’s not been very easy to get time to write content in the short moments of respite Bailey gives me, on top of all the normal life admin like eating and housework! But I’m happy to report that 10 weeks in he has started to fall into a bit of a routine with daytime napping, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to get back on the proverbial horse! And I thought I’d treat you today with a bit of a break from the baby stuff, ’cause I’m nice like that!

I had no intentions or plans to write this post. It was very much a spur of the…

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