Humble Myself

Rum and Robots

Oh God, my enemy’s who hurt my heart  I must love,
I cling to your teachings and the affection you sent
With your beloved son Jesus who now reigns above.
In my life, I am never worthy of your love, for I’m bent.

The sinful thing that I am, born this way, and yet you love,
This weak and utterly disappointing person living in me
Oh, Jesus my Savior who was always white as the dove
Forgives my hideous sins committed that in me, you see.

My heart cries out for you in times when my body is weak,
It is your devoted love I yearn for and so cling to so fast
Oh, Father, I humble myself to you, as your counsel I seek
For all things present that cause me such pain in the past.

In your loving arms my dearest Jesus I pray that you hold me,

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