Looking Good November 6

Eliza Waters


Foliage is the primary focus in the garden these days, with my current favorites being the above bridal wreath (Spirea x vanhouttei) and in the photo below, oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia). Both display multiple layers of color, adding light and depth.IMG_8609IMG_8600Beyond foliage as the main attraction, seeds bring a lot of interest to the autumn garden. The slender pods of milkweed  (Asclepias tuberosa) have opened and their silky parachutes are slowly teased out and borne away by the wind. I struggle to express with simple words my love of the delicate beauty of this plant. Perhaps this is where a picture truly is worth a thousand words!

In the field, maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’) has fully fluffed out and it waves gracefully in the slightest breeze. As it sinks over the hill, the late afternoon sun turns it to gold.

IMG_8654IMG_8641Looking pagoda-like, hosta (H. sieboldiana) seed heads have split open, revealing satiny, blue-black, winged…

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