Rocky Mountain National Park on a Sunday Afternoon

...i choose this...

So, I had a date with my camera today. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for an afternoon of hiking. I forgot the book with the trail descriptions so we had to wing it. I swear I’m losing my mind or getting lazy, or both.

Sean couldn’t come today. He had a work shift to learn some search and rescue techniques for his part time winter job. He had to wear an ugly sweater,,,,since we didn’t have one, I lent him my cats drinking wine/martinis flannel pajama top to wear. My one regret in life: I did not take a picture of him in the pajama top.

Not bringing the book ended up being a godsend…only because I stopped at the first trailhead parking lot I came across. There were plenty of parking spots available. Of course the parking lot was an ice-skating rink with a glassy…

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