How to Back-up your Manuscript Easily and for Free

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Hello SErs. Harmony here. It always saddens me beyond measure when I read that a fellow author has lost all their hard work due to a computer failure, lost laptop, or any number of other reasons. While I have an Airport Capsule attached to my Apple Mac, I also ensure that I back-up my work another way too. Just in case. After all, the Capsule is hardware that will one day fail.

So, how do I give myself an easy and free back-up of my manuscript?

I email a copy to myself. Any basic Word file isn’t going to take up that much room on your server and will send quickly. If, like me, you use Scrivener, you will find that far too bulky a file to try and email. My work-around is to compile to a Word doc and then email that to myself. I let the email sit…

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