Daily Prompts- Alzheimer’s disease

Keep it alive

She wrinkled her forehead in an effort to remember.

Her failingmemoryhad made the past foggy

To remember what words were germane

And to use the appropriateexpression was her desire

But like a fading clip of an old movie

Things came into focus just to fade away

Despite her ardent desire to show she still

Was the bossin her own mind, she often floundered

It would be perfect if her mind would

Be clear so that her every action and speech

Would be brammer, fitting aptly to the occasion

Only if, the caged panther in the inside would

Find a way to express the emotionsboiling

For a blessed release

May her words find a way to out.

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;







panther, suspender, boss

Word of the day Challenge;


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