Dun Laoghaire

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The view from our breakfast in the Forty Foot

For the most part on my recent trip to Ireland I was based in Dun Laohaire, just outside of Dublin. This is a place I have grown quite fond of and as the main purpose of the trip was to see family and friends and Dun Laohaire is very convenient for this. I have been here quite a few times now and I always enjoy. Here are some posts I have done on earlier visits:

Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 5: Dun Laoghaire

Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking along the sea

Old defense of the Dun Laohaire harbor

One of the things I like the best when I am in Dun Laohaire is to walk along the sea and it is very nice for going on some lovely walks when it is not pouring down.

Works being done to do up…

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