LP – Shaken

° BLOG ° Gabriele Romano


All night, sippin’ on a feelin’
Won’t lie, was nervous for this evenin’
Then you arrive

Oh god, why you gotta look so
So hot? Remembering your body on mine
I wanna cry

I, I knew that you’d be here tonight
But suddenly I’m paralyzed
Who’s she by your side?

She looks at you like I used to
And I’m just sitting in the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken
I thought only I would get that smile
Now I’m just watching from the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken

Oh no, feelin’ that vertigo
Slow row, feelin’ that swell of desire
Am I on fire?
Flashbacks rolling like a movie
Whiplash, she’s holding you instead of me
Is that your type?

I knew, I knew that you’d be here tonight
But I don’t know how it got so late
Just trying not to catch your eye
(See my face)

She looks at you like…

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