Fashion History Museum

fashion with compassion

The Fashion History Museum was founded in 2004; in 2015 they opened at a new location in the old post office of Hespeler, now part of the city of Cambridge, Ontario.

I drive by here twice a week on my way to my Tuesday and Thursday dance classes but this is the first time I’ve been inside. One of the exhibits is a chic showcase of French fashion.

“MADE IN FRANCE: Haute Couture and the French Fashion Industry 1870-1970
March 16 – December 22 2019       

Centuries of aristocratic patronage established Paris as a city known for its fine dressmakers, milliners, tailors and shoemakers. By the 19th century, the entire French industry had a reputation for quality design – something was chic by the mere virtue of being French!

​Copied or pirated around the world, the Haute Couture industry was at the centre of international style delineation until the…

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