There’s Only One Reason to see Mad Max

Widdershins Worlds

Mrs Widds and I are working on a new project. It’s very exciting and rather big, which I’ll go into in a later post.

One of the things we do when we’re engaged in challenging stuff over extended periods of time, it to give ourselves space to unwind.

Mrs Widds usually does a weekend retreat, and I go to the cinema. Not to watch just any old movie, nope, not me. I go to see the whole full-on-flat-out-3D-enchilada that is science fiction adventure movies.

We all decompress in our own way! 🙂

As an ex-Aussie, (that’s what it says on my brand spanking new Canadian passport – hint for the immanent excellent adventure) and having enjoyed the Mad Max movies of last century, (’79, ’81, and ’85, respectively!!!) I felt it my duty to see what this new iteration had to offer.

A gazillion reviews are…

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