Six Years of In a Vase on Monday: Wotcher Shortie!

Rambling in the Garden

Welcome to the sixth anniversary of In a Vase on Monday! Approximately 312 vases later, the meme seems to be as popular as ever amongst both vase makers and vase viewers, irreversably changing both the viewpoints and habits of many of us, for example “I could never bring myself to cut the flowers in my garden” or “I am rubbish at arranging flowers”. Even “I don’t have any vases” or “I don’t have any flowers” just don’t cut it these days either, as IAVOM requires neither a vase nor flowers as we have discovered whilst expanding our horizons over the years.

For most anniversaries I have thrown down a challenge, to encourage us to try something which may be out of our comfort zone, and this year I suggested readers produce a miniature arrangement, perhaps no more than 6″ (15cms) in each dimension. I planned to set the bar really…

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